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Monday, 16 October 2017

It was Martha - the story of a woman who sought the pearl of great price

For twelve years now, I've republished this memorial to my late mother. How terrible of me, I had totally forgotten until early this afternoon, around the time of her passing, I saw a Tweet referring to the fact that today is the Feast of St. Hedwig and for reasons you will discover shortly, that made me recall this day. There are no coincidences.

Putting aside the insanity of Rome, may this lift your heart as it continues to life mine.


On October 16, 2006 in her 92nd year, my mother was called home to the LORD. She was a woman of great faith in God and taught many lessons to all those who came into contact with her. This was especially true in her last few years. She suffered the loss of her first grandson and then her first son from cancer and bore much physical suffering with faith, trust and humility.

October 16 is, according to the calendar for the Traditional Latin Mass, the Feast of St. Hedwig a medieval Polish duchess; she died on October 14, 1243. She was also maternal aunt of St. Elizabeth of Hungary, incidentally my maternal grandmother's name. So it was then for me a serendipitous moment when at the Mass that morning, the Epistle from the First Letter of Blessed Paul the Apostle to Timothy was read:

Dearly beloved: Honour widows that are widows indeed. But if any widow have children, or grandchildren, let her learn first to govern her own house, and to make a return of duty to her parents: for this is acceptable before God. But she that is a widow indeed, and desolate, let her trust in God and continue in supplications and prayers night and day. For she that liveth in pleasures is dead while she is living. And this give in charge, that they may be blameless. But if any man have not care of his own, and especially of those of his house, he hath denied the faith and is worse than an infidel. Let a widow be chosen of no less than threescore years of age, who hath been the wife of one husband having testimony for her good works, if she have brought up children, if she have received to harbour, if she have washed the saints' feet, if she have ministered to them that suffer tribulation, if she have diligently followed every good work.

The Gospel was the parable about the "pearl of great price." Martha spent her life auctioning all for that pearl and I believe she found it.

A few days before she died it was my 50th birthday. We sat at the kitchen table eating dinner. I was feeding her and told her that 50 years ago we were in the same kitchen and at the same places at table except she was feeding me and now I was feeding her. We had a conversation and she told me that she was ready to go whenever God was to call her. Often we hear or read of those things that are “unexplained” except by coincidence, of course. To those who know and love God, “there are no coincidences.” Not even the fact that the Epistle read that day was one of the two options from the "Common of Holy Women."

That day started as many others. I woke my son for school, I got ready for work and before dashing out the door and bidding her adieu the home care assistant was there to help her get ready for the day and stay with her whilst I was at work.

I had gone to Mass at the Oratory on my lunch hour. I had just gotten back to work around 1:00 PM as the second aid arrived for the shift-change back at home. Her name was Bridget and as she arrived she went into the family room. My mother had only moments earlier complained to Cora, the morning aid, of difficulty breathing and then closed her eyes. Bridget yelled out her name, “Martha, Martha!” and gently slapped her. She stirred and let out a long breath.

My mother Martha, died.

I got the call moments later and on the way home it was clear from speaking to the paramedics that she was gone. She suffered a merciful cardiac arrest, yet because I refused to post a Do Not Resuscitate as experience taught me that would include choking to death, the paramedics were working on her with Adrenalin and heart paddles but were not having any success. I spoke to Bridget and told her that a priest from the local parish was on his way (the Sacrament of the Sick, what we used to call Extreme Unction had already been administered by one of her faithful Oratorian Priests a few weeks earlier.) I asked Bridget to go to my mother’s bedroom and retrieve the sick visit Crucifix from the wall above her bed. (This is a Crucifix which slides off and is placed in a stand; on either side are then candle holders and some of the necessary items for the Sacrament).

When I arrived home my mother’s eyes were open and she seemed semi-conscious but staring straight up to the ceiling, she was unresponsive. The priest arrived a few moments later and anointed her. She was transported to “St. Joe’s,” where my father also died, and she did not regain consciousness again. I sat with her and prayed the rosary and sang the Divine Mercy Chaplet to her. After a priest from the Oratory visited and prayed, and then after consulting with him, I instructed the medical staff to remove the respirator and all the intervention they forced upon her in my earlier absence, it was around 5:00 PM. Just after 8:00 I went outside for some air and a few minutes later my sister came to get me that our mother had died. She had just gone out of the room to the nurses desk to make a phone call. My sister was not out of the room a half-minute and no more than 5 metres away and mother passed. It was as if she could not let herself go whilst we were with her.

So, what does this have to do with coincidence?

The next day I called Bridget and asked her to stay on for a few more days to be at the house to tidy and answer the phone and assist with guests. Bridget was quite upset to be sure. She had been with my mother daily for the last year and often spoke of how well she was always treated and “their little talks.” She came to me with apprehension that she really needed to talk to me about something.

The paramedics, with all of their intervention, “brought her back.” It took 14 minutes from the time they began to get a pulse. What was disturbing Bridget was that there was no reaction to their work; nothing, until my car screeched in the driveway.

“I have a pulse!” exclaimed the paramedic. It was simultaneous with the screeching of my tires, said Bridget.

But there is more. Bridget was shaking and in tears.

“David, I had a dream Sunday night," my mother having died on Monday.

She went on to say that she as typical she had forgotten the dream; until at least she went to my mother’s bedroom to get the Crucifix. Upon seeing Jesus on the Cross the dream came back to her for just a moment and then again, it was gone. The house after all was a mass of confusion, police, fire-fighters, the paramedics, and eventually me, and the Priest; Bridget was now a bystander.

After we left for the hospital, Bridget was alone and tidying up and it was what happened then that she was so desperate to tell me.

At that singular moment in time something happened to Bridget that she will never forget. Nor will I.

Bridget recalled for me her dream.
“I was standing on a street-corner in small town with other people. We were laughing at this man dressed in a robe and with long-hair. He said his name was Jesus and we were making fun of him. Just then a young beautiful woman stepped off of the curb and started to cross the street; she turned around and looked at us, she had tears in her eyes, tears of overwhelming joy, she was happy, really happy. It was then that Jesus took her hand and walked across the road with her.”
That was Bridget’s dream, but I didn't understand.

She went on to say that when she woke up from it she was aware that she needed to be more like the woman who walked across the street. That she needed to have “more faith in Jesus.”

I told her that it seemed like a pretty plausible conclusion.

“Wait” Bridget said, “There is more, you don't understand."

I waited and listened as she started to cry.

“David, I remembered the dream only for a moment when carrying the Cross.”

“When I was tidying up I put the Cross on the end-table over there.”

“Yes, it looks nice there” I replied.

“No, David, you don’t understand, the picture, the picture beside the Cross.”

“Yes, Bridget, what is it?”

“That picture of your mother at graduation.” Bridget started to cry.

“It was her; she was the girl in my dream, it was Martha!"

Sunday, 15 October 2017

The SSPX: "But if it be of God, you cannot overthrow it."

This writer does not attend the Society of St. Pius X chapel in Toronto. On Sundays, Vox and Fox drive two hours and two dioceses away to assist in developing the community there in a properly offered traditional Latin liturgy, with Gregorian chant and organ. Our choir is growing, mostly young women, our organist, at 13, can perform on the organ, and the community can sing, Mass I, II, III, IV, VI, VIII, IX, XI, XII, XV, XVII and Credo I-VI plus the Marian antiphons and sprinkling rites. That is the labour that this writer attends to on  Sundays, it is tiring and it is greatly rewarding to see how the community is growing. It is a humble group of faith. No rancour. No polemics. Only the gift by God to allow me to see where the future will be as we pass on to others what we have been given.

In full disclosure, in the past, between other cantor appointments and at other times on special request when their regular director was not available, I have assisted at the Toronto Chapel of The Transfiguration. I have great respect for what they have accomplished across southern Ontario from the St. Michael's Priory. I was a great honour to have been part of the Schola that sang the requiems for Father Nicholas Gruner and Father Stephen Somerville. I have great respect for the Society of St. Pius X and its priests and bishops. Without them, there would be on traditional Mass. The slander that they continue to put up with by people within the novus ordo culture is regrettable. When it comes by those lay pretenders to tradition, it is even more deplorable.

One day when the Church emerges from this darkness, She will acknowledge before God and man the error that overwhelmed Her. She will condemn these and declare them anathema. Then, She will acknowledge the legacy of Archbishop Marcel Lefebvre and "restore all things in Christ." 

When one views the pictures below and at the link, I defy anyone to state that this is not the work of God. This would not be happening if the Holy Spirit were not directing it. To fail to see this is to be blind. This is not to say that the SSPX is the "Church," but that the SSPX is within the "Church." 

Those who deride them are wrong and do not know scripture.

We only need to look at the Book of Acts and the very words of Holy Gamaliel himself:

ACTS 5: 38. And now, therefore, I say to you, refrain from these men, and let them alone; for if this council or this work be of men, it will come to nought; 39. But if it be of God, you cannot overthrow it, lest perhaps you be found even to fight against God. And they consented to him.

Saturday, 14 October 2017

Confirmed that the masturbating Monsignor Carlo Capella is in Vatican City - extradition to Canada has not been requested

We have reported previously on Monsignor Masturbator and the preference of Carlo Capella for the naked imagery of children as slaves for his sexual gratification.

The Catholic Herald reports that Vatican spokesman Greg Burke has said that "No requests for extradition have come from Canada and no trial has been set by the Vatican," though it does appear that they are "investigating." Protected no doubt in Vatican City. Does this masturbating monsignor still have access to a computer?

Bishop of Rome Bergoglio has spoken much about child exploitation and slavery and sexual abuse. Let's see what he does with this filthy pervert.

My guess?


The Church of Christ has been taken over and infiltrated by filthy perverts, sodomites and satanists.

There is simply no other explanation.

Friday, 13 October 2017

Irish Bishop of Limerck Brendan Leahy - a corrupted, episcopal promoter of sodomy

There once was a bishop from Limerick,
Whose faith was not apostolic.
He welcomed all gays
in so many ways
From Catholicism, he's really schismatic.

Gay couples must be made welcome at World Meeting of Families, insists bishop

Celebration of family diversity: Bishop Brendan Leahy1
Celebration of family diversity: Bishop Brendan Leahy
Sarah MacDonald
Gay couples must be made welcome at next year's World Meeting of Families in Ireland, the Catholic Bishop of Limerick has said.

Bishop Brendan Leahy is the first Catholic bishop to publicly reach out to families of all hues, including those of same-sex couples.

The Catholic Church condemns homosexual acts as gravely immoral, but it also says LGBT people must be accepted with respect, compassion and sensitivity and that any discrimination must be condemned.

However, it teaches marriage can only be between a man and a woman and believes same-sex unions are an unfavourable environment for the bringing-up of children.
The Church argues the legalisation of such unions is harmful to society. In 2015, the Irish hierarchy opposed the referendum on the legalisation same-sex marriage.

However, speaking after his diocese launched its preparation programme for WMF2018, an international event which promotes traditional Catholic teaching on marriage, Dr. Leahy said the event in August 2018 in Dublin would be a missed opportunity if the Church did not embrace family in all its variety.

"We are living in changing times and family too is changing," he said.

"We've had the referendum in favour of same-sex marriage and a lot of people voted in that referendum and all are equally welcome to join in this celebration of family.

"Everyone must be made feel welcome next year. We all want to build a good family network of support in Ireland at all levels."

Describing the World Meeting of Families as the most important gathering in Ireland for decades, he said: "It's an international event but it will have special meaning for us as Irish people because family means so much here."

Stating that the family is at Irish people's very core, he added: "It anchors us in life, defines us. It's comfort when we are in difficulty and the first place to go to celebrate.
"The World Meeting of Family is a major celebration of this."

Bishop Leahy said he was delighted by "the coming together of the full diversity of family".

"My hope for next year's event is that it will be for all families; for the traditional family, single parents, people in second relationships, people divorced and remarried, people of great faith and no faith, people of other faiths, people who agree with the Church and those who disagree."

The World Meeting of Families is held every three years by the Catholic Church at different international locations and Dublin was specifically chosen by Pope Francis for the event from August 21-26 2018.

Thousands of families from all over the world are expected to descend on Ireland for the gathering, which has been themed 'The Gospel of the Family: Joy for the World' and will focus on the Pope's document on family and marriage, 'Amoris Laetitia'.

WMF2018 will incorporate a three-day congress of keynote speakers and workshops on the challenges and contribution of families.

It will culminate in a Festival of Families on Saturday, August 25.

Irish Independent

Thursday, 12 October 2017

Joseph Sciambra's house destroyed in California fires!

Many of you know of Joseph Sciambra, his blog is featured at the column on the left. What you many not know is that Joseph lost his home and all of his books from the fires in the Napa Valley.

This is what is left of his house.

Let us keep Joseph in our prayers and if you can help ...

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Father James Martin - no eyes to see to see that he is a cruel and foolish man





Open Your Eyes Father Martin

Father James G. Martin, S.J., is either a cruel or a foolish man. It does not seem to be the first. But if it is not that, it must be the second, because that alone can explain how a Catholic priest can live in the midst of massive and unprecedented family breakdown, and the chaos, loneliness, and alienation consequent upon it, and still wave the banner for the latest innovation in sexual confusion.
He is good at telling stories. Let me tell a few.

Wednesday, 11 October 2017

Again, Bergoglio muses on the rarely used capital punishment. Why?

Once again, Bergoglio has made remarks on the matter of capital punishment. Let's be clear, most of the industrialized world has abolished it. Only Belarus in Europe and the United States, Japan, Singapore, Taiwan is it still practiced. In South Korea and Russia, there is a moratorium. The nation-states which still practice capital punishment are primarily China, other nations in Asia and Africa, mostly Muslim states. In 2016, there were 1,032 recorded executions.

So, who is this man speaking of? Is this the most critical issue facing the world? 

Let us be clear, the prohibition in the Ten Commandments is against the committing of willful murder, not killing. God commanded the Israelite's to kill frequently. Capital punishment has always been recognised as a legitimate option of the State. This is not debatable.

What is this an up to?

Nothing more than the opening up of the Catechism of the Catholic Church to change Catholic teaching on capital punishment and while we're at it, ...

Tuesday, 10 October 2017

Episcopal casting couch

From Rod Dreher at The American Conservative:

Jake Tapper’s retweet of Lena Dunham’s tweet reminded me of another story from that same period of my life involving a powerful bishop of the Catholic Church. It’s a story that back then was fairly well known within journalistic circles, but it was never reported — though not for lack of trying on my part. The story was that this bishop had a longtime habit of pressing himself sexually on seminarians. Never once did I hear that he had done this to minors, only to adult seminarians. Still, it was an egregious thing, because he demanded sexual favors from young men whose future in the priesthood he held in his hands. Some of this stuff was rough, from what I was told.
A representative of the bishop intervened with my superiors, trying to suppress the story. My bosses refused — but then, there was ultimately no story to suppress. Unless people were willing to make their accusations public, or disclose court documents, my hands were tied. From a journalistic point of view, until and unless that happened, the stories were just gossip. This story burned me up, especially when I would see this old lecher on television pretending to be so heartbroken about the abuse of children. He was a fraud. Lots of people had personal knowledge of the kind of fraud he was. But nobody said a word publicly. The story was never told.
That bishop has retired, but he still lives. He has never been made to answer for his crimes. I hope before he dies, this will happen. It’s time for people who know what he did to speak out. It’s time for that newspaper to quit protecting this creep. Powerful men who use their authority to rape, molest, and sexually humiliate those under their authority deserve to be compelled to own up to what they’ve done.

Just who was this episcopal sodomite? McCarrick? Weakland? Hubbard?

Those who know, who keep quiet, are going to be held accountable before God for allowing this filth to exist when you could have done something about it.

Saturday, 7 October 2017

Francis calls on Catholics to join the "Cultural Revolution" - Will we take his great leap forward!

"There is a real cultural revolution on the horizon of history at this time. The Church must, first and foremost, be part of it. In this perspective, it is essential to honestly recognize her weaknesses and shortcomings." Bergoglio of Rome

Yes, the Bishop of Rome said that; - that the Holy Bride of Christ must be part of the coming "cultural revolution," and must regard her "weaknesses and shortcomings."

Blasphemous commentary on the Bride of Christ!

The Church must join the coming, Cultural Revolution? As Adfero wrote at Rorate Caeli, "Let that sink in."

You know friends, where you've heard that before, right? You don't need to be deeply steeped in history do you?

Will he soon give us Bergoglio's Little Red Book too? So now, instead of just an old Peronist we have a Moaist Pope!

Will this be our "great leap forward?"

Friday, 6 October 2017


On October 6, 2017 at approximately 07:30 EDT, the Bergoglian regime put out this Tweet.

Sheer and utter scandal and hypocrisy by a megalomaniac and publicity crazed Peronist thrust upon the Chair of Peter by a gang of malefactors and perverts. This is no Vicar of Christ, the man is repugnant fraud.

How dare this man approve such a hypocritical statement one week to the day that a Canada Wide Warrant was issued for the arrest of Monsignor Carlo Alberto Masturbator Capella on child pornography charges arising out of a visit to a Windsor, Ontario parish over Christmas 2016.

The Vatican has refused to extradite this pervert to Canada and refused to waive his diplomatic immunity which was requested by the State Department of the American Government. Child porn pervert Capella was based at the Nunciature in Washington before being rushed back to the Vatican City State and safety from prosecution,

What rotten, stinking filthy liars and perverts.